Do You Know Your Cat or Dog's Age?

Photo by Moyan Brenn / CC BY-ND
It is a common belief that one human year equals seven dog years. But is this really true? And what about Kitty?
When I started writing today’s blog, I wanted to speak on the importance of annual check-ups for pets. However, I found a really interesting […]

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Dogs and Cats Catch Pumpkin Fever Too!

Did you know that dogs and cats can both benefit from canned pumpkin? Some experts have found that canned pumpkin can boost a pet’s immune system, help pets with digestive issues, and promote a shiny and healthy fur coat.
What is in canned pumpkin?
Canned pumpkin is just the pureed form of pumpkin. It contains vitamins […]

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Enjoy the Last Weekend of Summer with your Pets!

As we close out summer, we want to make sure to make the most of the last weekend. If you are looking for some fun ways to enjoy these last few summer days with your pet, here are some ideas:
Take a walk on the beach – Most beaches designate whether or not they are dog-friendly, […]

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Feral Cats: How Can You Help?

Photo by Chris Becker / CC BY-NC-ND
Here kitty, kitty! There are hundreds of feral cats roaming the streets in the U.S. Learn how you can help!
During football season, there is a sports bar that my friends and I like to frequent to watch the games. A few months ago, someone in our […]

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How Pets Help Children with Autism

Photo by Etolane / CC BY-NC-ND
Autism is a mental condition associated with difficulty socializing and communicating clearly. Studies have shown that for a child with autism, having a pet improves social skills and assertiveness, along with the many other health benefits pets can offer for our health.
1. Social Benefits
Conversation Starters. For […]

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How to Get Rid of Pet Hair around Your House

Photo by Mr.TinDC / CC BY-ND
Have you started thinking about spring cleaning? For pet owners, this seasonal task is a hassle for one reason: pet hair. It would seem that once you buy a pet, you are destined to find their fuzz on your clothes, furniture, floors, surfaces and cars for […]

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How to Afford Pet Care for Your Pet

Having a pet is kind of like having a kid in several ways: One, you love them unconditionally…and two, they cost money. This is why parents groan a little when their daughter tells them she wants a puppy for Christmas. While she is thinking about having a cute and fuzzy best friend, they are thinking […]

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Pet Travel

We’re all going on a summer holiday: pets are welcome too! Whether you’re renting a summer house in Cabo, soaking up the rays on the white sands of a Caribbean island or brushing up on your French in Paris this summer, if you are an unabashed pet lover, then you probably wouldn’t dream of leaving […]

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Fireworks and Dogs and Cats

It’s the time of year for loud booms and bright blasts! While fireworks seem fun and entertaining for us, fireworks and pets can be a scary thing.
It is that time of the year again, and fireworks will be going off everywhere! Though July 4th is the typical day to celebrate with Independence Day fireworks, many […]

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Mosquitoes and Pets

Those pesky bugs! Mosquitos not only annoy humans during the summer months, they also annoy our four-legged friends! Mosquitoes and dogs are NOT a good match!
I recently traveled to my parent’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. While I was there, I noticed that my mom’s “shadow,” her King Charles Cavalier named Thor, was intensely scratching her […]

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