Knowing What to Do in Case of a Pet Emergency

Photo by Aaron Merrifield / CC BY-NC
Some may see the phrase “pet emergency” as the sudden desire to get a pet right away! While that might be a valid pet “emergency” to some, that’s not necessarily what I’m referring to here…
A pet emergency of any kind can be very alarming. That being […]

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Senior Dog Care

Senior dog care is a growing concern among owners. Due to improvements in veterinary care and dietary options, along with healthier habits, dogs are enjoying longer lifespans. So when does your dog become a senior pet? Around age 7. Larger breeds that normally have a shorter lifespan will start being considered a senior pet around […]

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How to Treat Pet Allergies

Photo by Yagmur Adam / CC-BY-ND
Pet allergies are crummy. There are two kinds of friends that would agree:
The Allergic One: They can’t go to a friend’s house without what seems like an entire pharmacy in their bag.
The Hospitable One: The person who can’t host in order to keep your friend from […]

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Dogs and Diet

Put healthy eating at the top of your dog’s resolutions! Diet and weight can top the list of New Year’s resolutions—for us and for our dogs. Whether you have four legs or two, being overweight has similar effects on the body: extra strain on the bones and joints, extra work for the heart and other organs, […]

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Understanding Your Cats Sleeping Pattern

Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps so much? You’ve probably noticed them lounging around the house a lot – or on you! – but did you know this is caused by genetics? Understanding the why and how of your cats sleeping pattern is an important way to keep them healthy and happy.
Your Cat […]

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Fun Pet Care Tips You May Not Know

Photo by Sophia Charlotte / CC-BY-NC-ND
Pets cost you a lot – time, attention, money, etc. Pet owners want to keep their pets happy and healthy – keeping the costs low at the same time. How do you achieve such an ambitious goal? The Internet, of course! We’ve compiled some fun pet […]

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My, What Shiny Teeth You Have

Photo by Rennett Stowe / CC BY
When was the last time you brushed your pet’s teeth?
As you may remember, keeping up with your animals dental hygiene was on the list of 2015 New Year’s resolutions ideas. For those out there who would prefer to take care of this at home rather […]

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Winter Blues and Pets

Prescription to help you beat the winter blues: your pet! In wintertime, some people find they lack energy, feel “down”, and just want to sit on the couch until spring comes. There are a couple of physical reasons for this, and quite a few pet activities you can do to pick yourself back up.
When daylight hours are […]

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Understanding Your Dogs Sleeping Pattern

Photo by Maja Dumat / CC-BY
Every dog owner wants to keep his or her pet happy and healthy. We buy the best foods and try to keep them as active as possible, but did you know sleep is just as important to a dog’s health as it is for our health? […]

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Pet Radiology

Have you ever wondered how we take animal x-rays and perform other types of diagnostic imaging on dogs and cats?  Well, the equipment is much the same as what is used on humans. 
When x-rays are used, the animal is placed on a special table and an x-ray machine is used to take the images.  The […]

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