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Doggy Bloat

a vet technician gets a patient ready for her shots
We’ve all heard of bloat in cows, but did you know that dogs can also get bloat? Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) is a condition that occurs in large and giant breed dogs, where the stomach becomes filled with air and twists on itself. A milder […]

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Pet Safety around Strangers

If you find that strangers—especially kids—approach your pet because he’s so cute or unusual, you’ll probably have many chances to teach others about pet safety.
When the grandkids or neighborhood children visit your home, it’s likely they’ll want to play with your pet. And if you take your puppy for a walk, he might attract some well-intentioned […]

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How to Keep Horses Warm

Do you know how to keep your horse warm during the winter? Here are some helpful tips!
In some cities, I have seen horses pulling carriages with people through the streets, much like you see in the movie Cinderella. I normally see this during the wintertime, and I wondered how they kept the horses warm when […]

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Helpful Tips For Adopting a New Pet From an Animal Shelter

Photo credit: Sande Hamilton
If you are considering adding a new canine or feline member to your family, you might want to consider visiting one of your local animal shelters before you head to the pet store. These shelters house animals that in most instances, have been members of other families and are hungry for love […]

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How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Vet?

Photo by www.audio-luci-store.it/ CC BY
They aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing. The minute you get your new puppy to the time both you and your dog are old, you want to do your best to care for them and keep them healthy. Nonetheless, between the shots, appointments and products bought for […]

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Unique Therapy Animals

Not all therapy animals are dogs. Keep reading to learn more!
To conclude my mini-series on service animals, I want to highlight all of the other critters that can become service animals. That’s right, dogs aren’t the only ones!
Back in August 2013, Time magazine put together a list of top service animals. The list included:
Miniature horses: […]

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How to Find a Lost Pet

Photo by Lord Jim / CC-BY
When your pet runs away, it’s hard not to panic. Where do you look? Who do you call? Panic no more – we have some advice for you to follow so you can recover your pet as soon as possible.
1. Why Pets Run Away
Photo by […]

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Weight Loss Tips for Dogs

According the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention as of 2014, 52.7% of Dogs in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Just as in humans, obesity is a growing problem in pets that can lead to health issues and shortened lifespans.
Obese dogs can develop high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, cancers and […]

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Equine Colic

Colic in horses is a common problem. Learn to recognize the signs and when to get help for your tall friends.
The other day I was talking with my friend who grew up riding horses. She rode her horse, Eddie, for 10 years before he died from colic. How tragic! Colic is a serious condition that […]

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Cancer in Older Pets

There’s added value in petting your older pet: you might see signs of cancer earlier.
We pet our pets because, well, we love them. It makes us both feel great. But petting your pet can also help you spot some health conditions early. And if your pet’s past his 10th birthday, one of those conditions might […]

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