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Mosquitoes and Pets

Those pesky bugs! Mosquitos not only annoy humans during the summer months, they also annoy our four-legged friends! Mosquitoes and dogs are NOT a good match!
I recently traveled to my parent’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. While I was there, I noticed that my mom’s “shadow,” her King Charles Cavalier named Thor, was intensely scratching her […]

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Thinking about introducing another pet to your home?

Here are some things to keep in mind and how to make the transition much smoother:
There is just something about animal lovers. Every time we see a puppy walking down the street or a cute picture on Facebook, we sort of melt. Understandably so, most pet owners want to bring more of that sweet, unmatched love of […]

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Dog Anxiety

Don’t fret, Fido. I’ll be right back! Learn how to tell if your dog is suffering from “canine separation anxiety,” and how to help it relax.

While dogs may be known more for their playful side, some dogs can become very anxious at times. Unfortunately, separation anxiety is becoming one of the most common behavior issues seen […]

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Pets + Kids = More Activity and Healthier Skin

Science has given us more reasons to own a dog: they’re good for our health! A study at the University of London shows that children with dogs are more active than those without dogs—with play time and dog-walking among the top activities. The benefits of dog ownership extend to adults as well. The same study […]

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188 Years!? Owning a Pet Could be the Longest Commitment You Ever Make

The long-term commitments in life that first come to mind are usually marriage and having children. But some pets can be deserving of such a long commitment—because some can live for decades.
– Parrots are known for their longevity, and some breeds can live to be 100 years old!
-Another pet with an impressive lifespan is the […]

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Five Homemade Treats For Your Pooch

We all love a delicious treat, especially homemade goodies. Well our canine friends enjoy them too! Wouldn’t you prefer your dog to be eating inexpensive healthy, easy-to-make homemade dog treats over the costly store-bought ones with harmful ingredients? To get you started, here are five quick and easy, healthy homemade dog treat recipes for delicious […]

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Pets in the garden

As spring arrives, many of us are planting new gardens for the season. Gardens are great places to spend time with your family, but make sure you are aware of the dangers that some plants and chemicals can pose to your pets.
Many common spring time plants are toxic to dogs and cats. Unlike children, your […]

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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Photo by Val D’Aquila / CC BY-NC-SA
As many cat lovers have noticed, cats have a strange liking for boxes. Oftentimes they seem to shun the person who loves them so dearly to sit in a cardboard box. This begs the question, why do cats love boxes? Not one answer applies to […]

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What to Do with Your Pets in the Spring

Photo by fPat Murray / CC BY
To some, Spring is a wonderful time. Winter has finally melted away, the sun has come out and everything is starting to turn a vibrant shade of green. It’s the perfect season to be outside – be it reading, having a picnic or walking the […]

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Knowing What to Do in Case of a Pet Emergency

Photo by Aaron Merrifield / CC BY-NC
Some may see the phrase “pet emergency” as the sudden desire to get a pet right away! While that might be a valid pet “emergency” to some, that’s not necessarily what I’m referring to here…
A pet emergency of any kind can be very alarming. That being […]

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